First Prize White House Redux International Competition. Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York City, 2008
Revenge of the Lawn

The 12 scripts that make up the Revenge of the Lawn are like snapshots in an Architectural Album – vivid, delightfully informal, they cast a new dreamlight on the uncaptured moments of experience, between the political and the personal. In these fantasies and love stories, these relationships and lost histories from Kabul, Little Rock, Tacoma and Peshawar demonstrate an architecture of wit, humanity and originality not previously achieved since writers imagined an architecture of iDeath. Luminous, spellbinding environment of those inhabitants of White Welling who live so close to iDeath and must know the sun not only shines a different colour each day, but the world needs constants scripts to renew its own meaning. Concrete, yet at the same time virtual and mysterious, these scripts are prose poems of the modern architectural folk tale. Often defying reality with complete success, the 12 scripts offer a White House Redux of charming and devastating value to the world to come. While every effort has been made to keep within the bounds of imagined worlds itis sometimes necessary to break such rules at short notice. The architects, animators and scriptwriters of Revenge of the Lawn reserve all rights to show new solutions and scripts which may differ irrevocably from those outlined above. More than a miraculous journey through a country and a mind, without such an architecture of surreal mismatch, these would merely represent a lovely touch, of ingenious, blithe and beautiful architects who could not be dull!